As members of Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting, we are part of WAGGGS; the largest educational Movement for girls and young women in the world. Together, we work for a world where all girls are valued. Through a unique values based non-formal educational approach, Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting creates empowering youth learning experiences. Every day, 10 million young people take part in Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting around the world. Inspired and empowered by volunteer leaders they grow in confidence, develop life skills, and take the lead in their communities.

What is the Girl Scout experience?
It’s everything that a young person experiences as a Girl Guide or Girl Scout over the time they are taking part in the youth program. It’s what they do (activities), how they do it (methods) and why they do it (purpose).


Leadership development starts from when a girl becomes a Brownie and expands throughout her journey within the Movement, providing girls and women with skills and opportunities to lead patrols, units, committees and the association.
In Girl Scouting, we provide opportunities for our members to experience, learn and develop leadership through a variety of programmes and activities. We defines leadership as:

  • A person who cultivates and nurtures group dynamics and empowers others to take leadership
  • The process of influence within a group that helps the group achieve its set goals
  • The relationship that defines and impacts the life and actions of the individual and the group


Speaking out – or advocacy – has been an integral part of Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting since the beginning. The world Movement began in 1910 after a group of girls spoke out about what they wanted at the 1909 Crystal Palace Boy Scout rally. They demanded a Movement for girls, and they achieved it! This was the first advocacy activity in Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting, which laid the foundation for decades of advocacy actions by girls and young women all over the world.
For the Lebanese Girl Scouts, advocacy means: We influence people to take decisions that will improve our lives and the lives of others.
Across the world, our Movement is a powerhouse of skills, commitment and energy. Decision-makers in the UN, youth organisations and other partners reach out to us because they see the influence, exposure and unique contribution that Girl Guides and Girl Scouts can offer. Together we send a strong message to the society that there is a worldwide Movement of 10 million girls and young women that stand behind and speaks out for ALL the girls around the world.
We not only speak out on behalf of girls and young women everywhere, but also empower young women to advocate for themselves.


Volunteerism is an essential part of the Girl Scout educational method. Volunteering helps young people to: strengthen their motivation, commitment and sense of identity, develop core competencies in leadership, decision-making and other life skills, and gain intercultural and intergenerational understanding. It also provides them with opportunities to get actively involved in their local communities and form life-long habits of civic engagement.