” By encouraging a child in its natural desires, instead of instructing it in what you think it ought to do, you can educate it on a far more solid and far-reaching basis. It is only tradition and custom that ordain that education should be a labour”. Baden Powell, circa 1913

Girl Scout programmes and activities create a safe space for the whole girl to grow. She will develop intellectually, physically, socially, emotionally, morally and spiritually through age appropriate activities. She will be challenged to see herself as a leader, and develop the skills and confidence to take the lead in the wider world.

Indoor activities:

  • – Hand crafts
  • – Cooking
  • – Learning songs, dances and traditions from all over the world
  • – Planning for advocacy and community change campaigns
  • – Life skills training
  • – Online activities with Girl guide/Girl scout from all over the world….

Outdoor activities:

  • – Camping
  • – Rafting, canoeing,sailing…
  • – Hiking
  • – Big games
  • – Community change activities
  • – Advocacy projects….