The Lebanese Girl Scouts Association was founded in 1957 by a dedicated group of young commissioner who believed in the methods of Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting educational system. In 1975 it was officially registered as an independent and self-governing association having its headquarter in Beirut.

During the years it grew to include members not only in Beirut but also in Sidon, Zahle, Antelias and Metn and was active in private schools and clubs that had no political or religious affiliations, thus making it an association open to all sectors of the Lebanese multi-confessional society. During the Lebanese civil war the headquarter was burnt down with all the documents and inventory of the association. Leaders were dispersed into opposing sides of the country and the movement stopped.

It was due to the unique vision of Hoda Ghorra, member of the world board then, that in 1984 some of the commissioners who were still in the country, were gathered to restart the movement. Many of our groups had joined the Boy scouts associations who were now accepting girls too. We managed to restart some of our groups in Beirut, Metn, Antelias and Zahle and organized leaders training camps to recruit new leaders.

In 2017 we celebrated 60 years of Girl Scouting in Lebanon.