The Lebanese girl scouts association formed the Lebanese National Organization for girl guides and girl scouts, together with the Lebanese girl guides association, which in 1963 became a member of WAGGGS (World association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts) during the 18th world conference in Denmark.


In 1966 together with five other Arab countries the national organization became a founding member of the Arab Group that grew to become the ARAB REGION in 1999.


In the year 2000 and under the supervision of the Lebanese ministry of youth and sport the Lebanese girl scouts association joined 9 other associations to form the Lebanese Federation of Girl Scouts and Girl guides. Since then a member of the administrative body is elected in the administrative committee of the federation.


Today five associations including the Lebanese Girl Scouts are part of the World association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts. The Lebanese Girl Scouts are active members of the Lebanese Federation, Arab region and WAGGGS, members of the associations took leadership roles in the federation, Arab region, WAGGGS committees and world board.

The Lebanese Girl Scouts Association has had many representatives at the world level. One of its founders; Hoda Ghorra was in the World Board from 1984 till 1991. Najla Abou Mattar was elected in the Arab Committee from 93-96, Nadine El Achy served on the World centre committee from 2002-2005, In September 2006, Zeina Kfoury, after serving on the Arab committee became chairman of the Arab Region and in 2008 Nadine El Achy was elected as world board member and Chair of the world board from 2011-2014. In 2014 Lena Urneshlian was elected as the chair of the Lebanese federation of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts.