Lebanese Girl Scout association General Assembly

The General Assembly of the Lebanese Girl Scout association took place on
the 5th of November 2017 in the presence of the commissioners, leaders,
members and some parents.
The election of the administrative body was the first item on the agenda.

The administrative body for 2017-2020 is as follow
-President: Zeina Kfoury
-Vice president: Nadine El Achy
-Treasurer: Suzanne Hachache
-Secretary: Najla Abou Mattar
-General commissioner:Perouz Toutounjian
-International commissioner: Lena Urnechlian
-Intendante: Arosiak Issa

The second item was the launching of the annual theme for 2017-2018

We then had the promise ceremony of two leaders who committed to serve the
association in the two age group of Girl Scouts and caravels.