The World Conference is the principal decision-making body of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts and it convenes in the last year of each triennium.

The theme of the 36th World Conference was “For her world”.

Delegates brought the Conference to life with discussion, questions and debate throughout the week. They worked towards a brighter future for the Movement and for young people everywhere!

Another important purpose of the Conference was meeting new people and sharing a common Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting spirit. Everyone at the 36th World Conference had fun, celebrated Indian and global culture and shared a common purpose.

On the final day of World Conference our new World Board members were elected. A huge congratulations to Katerina Agorogianni, Tashia Batstone, Normala Baharudin, Heidi Jokinen, Zine Madyibi and Jayne Wachira.

We also welcomed Ana María Mideros who was elected as new chair of the WAGGGS World Board!