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Tie rubber bands or strings
around cloth in different ways

Dip the cloth into a
pail of dye.

Rinse the cloth twice in cold
water and hang it up to dry

Make sure the cloth is dry
before you untie it

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Tie-dyeing is a way of making cloth that has many colors. Tie-dyeing is done in many countries, in South America, India, and China.

To Tie Dye, you will need some plain white cotton cloth, different colors of fabric dye, some strong rubber bands, and basins of water or a sink for dyeing. Tie the rubber band around the cloth in different ways. You can dip the cloth in one color, undo the rubber bands, retie them in new places, and then dip the cloth again.

Make sure the cloth is dry before you untie it. You may want to try different designs on small pieces of cloth first.
Do not take the cloth out of the die until it is a little darker than the color you want it to be when it is dry. Rinse out the extra dye under running water, or a big basin. Change the water between rinses. Again, make sure the cloth is dry before you untie it. To make a wall hanging iron the cloth and them glue it to a long stick.