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In girl Scouting

games are an opportunity for developing group cooperation teamwork, and self-confidence. Games provide opportunities for fun, exploration of interests, skill development, leadership, and learning. Play & games are a part of every adult and child's growth experience. Through games we transmit cultural values, and develop social and physical skills. Participation in games can contribute to physical, mental, and emotional fitness. Through a positive game environment, girls can learn and practice rules of fair play, develop self-control and self-awareness, and learn to win or lose graciously.
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Musical Guess words
You need: small items such as star, an apple, a horse, a bell, a toy, a boat, a baseball, a Girl Scout book, or pictures.

How to play: form two or more teams of three to eight players. The teams sit or stand together all facing the game leader. The game leader takes one of the items from a box or bag and shows it to the entire group. Each team tries to think of a song containing the name of the item. The first team to sing a song related to that item scores one point.
"A boat:
Row row row your boat…"

Sticky popcorn
How to play:The game leader tells the girls tat they are pop corn kernels. They start out by popping or jumping about slowly, and as the heat is increased (the game leader can call out "hotter") they hop faster. This is a special "sticky pop corn" when the girls bump into each other, the game leader can call out "sticky by two/ three" (or any number). The girls have to make popcorn balls of two or three girls, with respect to the number stated by the game leader.
When the leader calls out "ball" the girls all gather to form a giant popcorn ball.

Nature lotto
You need to create a lotto game board made with nature pictures.

How to play: When hiking, have girls look for objects on their nature lotto boards. The game can be played like bingo; with 5 squares filled in any direction or with all the squares filled in on the board.