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Encourage your girls to carry out some of the following activities.

:: Paint a picture with their feet
:: Peel a potato with one hand
:: Count small change without taking it out of the bag.
:: In pairs, blindfolded, make a jam sandwich and feed each other

Ask the girls how they found the activities. What did they think the purpose was? Talk about what it is like to have special physical disabilities in today's world.

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Common Standard
All of your members should be sharing a commitment to a common standard. When outdoors:

:: Ensure that the girls understand all about road safety. It is important to recognize the Country Code, Water Safety Code and the Mountain Code depending on the area you will be in.

:: Set a common standard for the care of equipment: keeping list of all possessions, and making sure that everything is clean and well-kept when stacking.

:: Decide with your members what is acceptable behavior and what is not.

:: Encourage teamwork and a fair division of duties and tasks; for example who is responsible for, first aids- finance- equipment- book-keeper…