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One of the founders of AEL. She was the heart beat of AEL during the Lebanese war. A fighter and a believer in the true spirit of scouting.

Girl scouting
is an international youth movement. The movement has gained high popularity among girls and young women irrespective of caste, creed, color or religion. It is an educational non-political and non-governmental movement aiming at building up a good citizen.

The educational system of the Lebanese girl scouts association is mass oriented. It is learning for life. The basic elements of this educational system are:
- Activities that include voluntary service in community.
- Progressive activities.
- Relationship within youth and between youth and adults.
- Enrichment of human values.
- Group activities within the same age groups.
- Education towards building world citizens.

All is based on spiritual and moral values according to the principles embodied in the promise and law.

Association des Eclaireuses du Liban
Achrafieh-Beirut / PO Box :16-6079 1100- 2090, Lebanon.

TEL: 03- 28 30 48 or 03- 216 167